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Live Cell Therapy

Mrs. Martha A., San Diego, CA
On or about 1997, I had a friend who had terminal leukemia and only had about a month or two to live, according to the City Of Hope near Los Angeles, California.

I had always heard of the benefits of "Live Cell Therapy" but never had personally experienced it first hand. I did some research and through word of mouth found Dr. Kuhnau practicing in Tijuana. My friend, who had already put his "affairs in order", agreed to let me take him there to see if "Live Cell Therapy" would help him.

Mariane B., MD, Los Angeles, CA
I highly recommend "Live Cell Therapy", which is extremely effective for many diseases, and also for preventive/health maintenance. I have patients from various backgrounds who have received "Live Cell Therapy" and all have done very well. In some cases, they had illnesses for which medicine had no treatment, and they were told they would not last more than 6 months.

Judy Johnson Coates, California
When I first came to Dr. Velazquez' office, I met a young man who looked like he was in perfect health. I could not help but to ask him why he was there and what was the matter with him. He said he is a runner and he takes muscle and cartilage. I wondered if that treatment would be good for my neck, as I had injured it very badly doing a trampoline show in Las Vegas.

Lung/Brain Cancer

Edward Jawor, Sewell, NJ
In 1999 I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and right away I started my chemotherapy in the USA and at the end of the therapy the doctors told me that my body didn't respond to the chemotherapy and that my tumors actually had increased showing more on the lungs and the brain. My reaction was anger and disappointment in medicine. Then I found Dr. Kuhnau and Dr. Velazquez who told me about the importance of managing the immunologic system in a biologic way to be able to fight the cancer cells.

Thyroid Cancer

Martha Valenzuela, Dallas, TX
Seven years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I went to see Dr. Velazquez and Dr. Francisco Espinosa for a second opinion. They studied my case very professionally and made a conclusion to go under modified surgery on my neck and radio active iodine to be completed in the USA.

Huntington's Disease

Pietro, Italy
My girlfriend found out about the live cell injections from a list-serve that she was on. I had tested positive to carrying the defective gene for HuntingtonŐs Disease in 1996 when I was only 23 years old. My CAG repeat was 48 which meant that statistically, I should become symptomatic between 30 and 34 years of age. I flew from Italy to San Diego, CA on January 14, 2002 in order to receive my first round of injections from Dr. Luis Velazquez.

Phillip J. Hardt
My name is Phil Hardt and I want to tell you my journey over the last 8 years- first through sadness, depression and hopelessness; then through skepticism, guarded hope and optimism, but still trying to maintain an open-mind; to now being positive, happy and eternally thankful for the second chance I've been given in life to help others! 

Clara, Colombia, South America
I heard about the live cell injections while attending my first HDSA national convention in 2005. I am from Colombia, South America and was diagnosed as being "gene positive" for HD in 2004 while living in Texas and attending a major university in order to receive my PhD.

Congestive Heart Failure

Joe, Toronto, Canada
I have been suffering from congestive heart and liver failure and was sent home to die last year. Research by my wife found one last chance of any hope in Dr. Velazquez and his live cell therapy.

Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes II and Arthritis

Julia Lopez, New Jersey
I was diagnosed with MS, Arthritis and Diabetes Mellitus. I was treated by Dr. Velazquez and Dr. Nuq with BIOLOGICAL SURGERY. To make a long story short, after six months into the therapy, my MS symptoms had all disappeared. I no longer use walking canes, I walk perfectly normal. My glucose levels are in the 60's, and my arthritis has also disappeared. There is no pain in my body.


Anita Lopez, California
I met Dr. Velazquez in 1996 when he was assistant to Dr. Kuhnau. I went to see Dr. Kuhnau due to a problem with very severe arthritis in my hands. After a few treatments, my arthritis disappeared.

Rosa Barona, Mexico City
In 1997 I went to see Dr. Velazquez. I was paralyzed as the arthritis had me in bed for almost 2 years. My doctors couldn't do anything for me. I remember that I went on a stretcher to see Dr. Velazquez when I started my therapy. Ten long months passed and nothing happened, but one day, just like a miracle, I stood up and walked just like Lazarus.


Maria Gallegos, California
In 1996 I was taken by my family to the hospital on a stretcher in a state of unconsciousness. My doctors had declared me terminal and my family was just waiting for the moment of my death, as I was in a coma. My diagnosis was Scleroderma. I took Dr. Kuhnau and Dr. Velazquez Live Cell Therapy and in less than 8 months my life changed radically. My story has inspired hundreds of patients after I was interviewed on channel 45 in San Francisco with Dr. Velazquez to give testimony to my new life.


Griselda Majueno, California
My 9 year old boy and I have each taken at least 6 Live Cell Therapy treatments for asthma. After the first treatment, we stopped taking other medications. Before, my son would have to use ventilators and pills to help him breathe.


Dr. Richard Willis, MD, Florida
I had the privilege to meet Dr. Velazquez in 1997 at a conference he addressed in Chicago about Live Cell Therapy. I knew in those days that Dr. Velazquez was working with Dr. Kuhnau in Mexico, but just recently learned the Dr. Kuhnau had passed away. I met Dr. Kuhnau in 1980 in Mexico and was very impressed with his work as a pioneer in Live Cell Therapy and the first doctor who used cells from the blue shark.

Tomas Silva, Mexico
I met Dr. Velazquez when I was studying medicine back in 1980. 27 years have passed and I have witnessed his success. I've had the good fortune to meet many of his patients and all I have heard from them is how he has given them back their lives.

Hepatitis C / Cirrhosis

Luis Ulloa, Indio California
When I was born, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. My older sister had the same diagnosis, but she received a liver transplant and the doctors told my mother that I would also have to have the same procedure in order not to develop Cirrhosis. We met Dr. Velazquez in 1997 and we started taking his live cell treatments. Now, 10 years later, I don't have Hepatitis C nor Cirrhosis. My testimony has brought many patients to Dr. Velazquez.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Esperanza Aguilar, California
I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, and the only way I could breathe was through a breathalyzer and taking medications. I was very ill and the medications were not working or helping me to get better. I was upset with life because my illness was terminal.

Hormonal Treatment

Alex, Texas
When I was 13, I noticed that my height was a bit short for my age. I started my therapy with Dr. Velazquez, and after a year I grew faster than before. Now I am 16 and am 6'1" and my mood problems have disappeared.

Muscular Dystrophy

Leticia Garcia, Arizona
We are four sisters diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. In my case, it became more severe because I am the oldest. When my parents realized that I was unable to walk, they took me to see Dr. Kuhnau and Dr. Velazquez and decided to give my sisters the very promising therapy so that they wouldn't get to my stage of the illness.


Anthony Paoli, California
Unfortunately, 15 years ago I was diagnosed with HIV positive. Five years later I had a very severe and deadly intestinal infection. I was taken to see Dr. Kuhnau and after two treatments, my uncontrollable diarrhea problem was gone. I had suffered from diarrhea for almost a year and no doctor nor any medicine could do anything to help me.

Matthew, California
I met Dr. Velazquez at his clinic in 1995 after I was diagnosed HIV positive. My symptoms back then were deadly. I had Sarcoma de Kaposi throughout my body, intestinal infections, and breathing infections as well. I was also losing a lot of weight and also had Toxoplasmosis. Dr. Velazquez treated me for almost two years.


Jimmy Anderson, California
I am 48 years old and have been practicing sports and bodybuilding for more than 30 years. I had spent a fortune in supplements and vitamins through the years to keep my body in shape. A friend of mine that practices martial arts introduced me to Dr. Velazquez, and spoke to me about the rejuvenation treatments that he'd been following.
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