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Tomas Silva
I met Dr. Velazquez when I was studying medicine back in 1980. 27 years have passed and I have witnessed his success. I've had the good fortune to meet many of his patients and all I have heard from them is how he has given them back their lives.

Dr. Velazquez and I are Christians and we know human sanity is divine. Dr. Velazquez knows that if his patients heal, one reason is because he prays for them everyday.

It's very important that everyone knows Dr. Velazquez and his work, as I've witnessed his results. I met a boy once that had been in a coma for 2 months due to a brain tumor. The boy was breathing artificially and after 35 days of treatment, the 5 year old boy went back home, healthy and breathing on his own. I am really happy to know that Dr. Velazquez goes on with his work helping people on five continents.

Tomas Silva

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