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Dr. Richard Willis, MD
I had the privilege to meet Dr. Velazquez in 1997 at a conference he addressed in Chicago about Live Cell Therapy. I knew in those days that Dr. Velazquez was working with Dr. Kuhnau in Mexico, but just recently learned the Dr. Kuhnau had passed away.

I met Dr. Kuhnau in 1980 in Mexico and was very impressed with his work as a pioneer in Live Cell Therapy and the first doctor who used cells from the blue shark. I have talked to Dr. Velazquez and believe Dr. Kuhnau's legacy is in good hands. I am a physician who practices in the USA and I'm using cell therapy with my patients... Dr. Velazquez formula has the same characteristics as Dr. Kuhnau's, and this is very important. Many doctors are using cell therapies that do not have the proper formulation. Be wary in receiving therapy other than what Dr. Velazquez can provide. I highly recommend him for his merits and work.

Dr. Richard Willis, MD

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