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Phillip J. Hardt
My name is Phil Hardt and I want to tell you my journey over the last 8 years- first through sadness, depression and hopelessness; then through skepticism, guarded hope and optimism, but still trying to maintain an open-mind; to now being positive, happy and eternally thankful for the second chance I've been given in life to help others!

Phillip J. HardtFirst some background to let you how far I've come: I was forced out of work at Allied Signal Aerospace on October 30, 1997 when I was turned in to the Human Resources Department by fellow employees who said I was unsafe to be around moving equipment, cranes, and forklifts on the aircraft engine manufacturing floor because of my chorea, muscle spasms all over my body, uncontrollable muscle jerks, balance problems and staggering gait.

One year prior to this, I voluntarily quit driving because I started running red lights, forgot how to shift my standard transmission car and would routinely get lost either driving to or from work. I was also forgetting where I had saved my inventory spreadsheets on the computer, names of friends, and important meetings. While sitting, I couldn't hold my head up sometimes and it would droop. My head was bobbing up and down with chorea and I also began experiencing problems swallowing and had to take two to three naps a day to maintain my energy. Since I didn't even know that I was at-risk for Huntington's Disease (HD) at this time, I went to the neurologist and told him that I thought I was going crazy. For the first time in my life I couldn't figure out what was happening to my body and mind. I was experiencing so many uncharacteristic things happening to me that I was very scared. HD is an incurable degenerative brain disorder for which not only is there no cure, but not even one effective treatment for any of its multitude of symptoms. Living with HD is like living with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis AND going insane all at the same time. Unfortunately, due to flagrant genetic discrimination by insurance companies, it is not well known. Because of the secrecy, you may not have even heard of it, or known someone who had it.

Four years later, in August of 2000 I was volunteering at the Arizona Hemophilia Association's Camp for children with hemophilia and AIDs in Prescott. It was there that I met Annie. She and her friend had recently graduated from High School in Pennsylvania and New York and had picked our Hemophilia Camp where they could volunteer as part of their commitment to do service work for a non-profit organization before starting college. She fell in love with three of my adopted children who were there and soon started asking questions about where I worked and what I did. She was flabbergasted to find out that I hadn't been able to work for four years since I had Huntington's Disease. She asked me for my address and phone number and promised to check in with me to see how the children and I were doing periodically. I really didn't expect to hear from her again but to my surprise, in about three weeks, her Mom, Ann called and asked if I was open to non-traditional or homeopathic treatments. I politely answered "yes," but wasn't really very optimistic. I didn't hear from her again until I received a package in the mail that contained a huge jar of "Brain Sustain" powder in it. I can't tell you how relieved I was that this was going to be the extent of her recommendations. Let me explain- I say this because from the time I got sick, well-meaning family and friends had me drink and eat and try more "interesting" remedies that they were convinced would reverse my HD. I would flinch every time someone would tell me they wanted me to try something new, or wanted me to see their doctor. Never the less, I always reluctantly consented, trying to keep an open mind, because my three oldest biological children still had a 50/50 risk of each inheriting HD from me. In my heart I knew that I had to be open to anything and everything, because maybe, just maybe, one of them would work and then my children would not have to go through the living hell I was experiencing every day.

My false sense of relief with Ann was burst when she called me towards the middle of October and told me that she had just taken her Mother to see a wonderful doctor in Tijuana, Mexico and that her Mom was experiencing marvelous results from his treatments. She explained that doctors in the US had operated on her Mom five times to remove tumors (including brain surgery) but when more tumors protruded from her body, they told her there was nothing else they could do and sent her home to die with the promise that they would make sure she didn't experience any pain. It was then that her daughter Ann went in search of alternative therapies all over the world and found Dr. Wolfram Kuhnau practicing medicine in Tijuana. She said his injections of live cells were actually working and that the visible tumors which her Mom had almost disappeared. She had investigated alternative therapies in order to help prolong her Mom's life and explained that Dr. Kuhnau was the one that she decided had the most promise. They had just been to see him for the fourth treatment for her Mom and asked him if he had ever treated anyone with HD. He replied that he had not, but that he thought his therapy could help me. She told me that her family was flying from Pennsylvania to San Diego to take her Mom for another round of injections from Dr. Kuhnau the first of November and said they would really like to meet me there so they could take me with them to meet him. I asked which type of live cell injections her Mother was getting and she replied that they were from fetal sharks. I had read the reports of live human fetal cell transplants that had miraculously worked for several months and then the patients regressed back to where they were before the brain surgery. Never the less, this thought of fetal shark cell injections intrigued me. Sadly and reluctantly I told her that I couldn't afford to travel to San Diego, let alone pay for the injections because I had six of my eight children still at home and I was on a fixed income of Social Security and Long-Term Disability.

Two days passed and she called me back and said that she had talked with her family, and at Annie's urging, her family had agreed to pay for my first 5 rounds of injections and all of my expenses to travel to Tijuana to receive them. She said this way, in the event they didn't work, I would be out nothing but my time, but if they did work, then I would not be reluctant to continue paying. I agreed and the date was set for me to meet them.

Dr. Kuhnau was one of the most humble but brilliant men I had ever met. Even though he was a scientist and medical doctor he was still modest about his accomplishments. I was impressed with his desire to help others. I asked his wife one time who the two nuns were who had brought cookies to the clinic. She said that they were paying for their injections by bringing them in when they could, because they had no money. I also met people from all over the world who had come to be treated by him- people with Lime's Disease, heart disorders, cancer, Parkinson's, MS and many other maladies that had been helped by his injections. He explained to me that his research had proven that the live shark cell injections were never rejected by our bodies because the shark has a superior immune system to ours so ours never rejected them. He also explained that he had treated tens of thousands of patients with the live shark cell therapy over the last 30 years with no adverse affects or deaths.

In November of 2000 I began taking this wonderful live cell therapy and five months later the chorea in my torso, head and limbs was gone, my muscle vacillations were completely gone and my head didn't droop any more. My balance came back and my walking and visual-spatial awareness returned to normal. These changes were all confirmed by my neurologist, psychologist, former wife, family, friends, and psychiatrist at the time! Just two years later in 2002 I had regained enough confidence to begin driving again (after stopping for 6 years)! I continue to stay the same as long as I take injections of the live shark cells monthly.

Unfortunately, Dr. Kuhnau fell sick and died in 2003 at the age of 93! Before he passed I asked him and his wife which doctor I should start seeing to continue my injections of live shark cell therapy. Because of HD's degenerative destruction, I had to take them every month to continue my positive results (for cancer and other infirmities the therapy is much shorter). One evening they introduced me to Dr. Luis Velazquez at their home while I was there to pick up rounds of injections for five others and myself. Dr. and Mrs. Kuhnau spoke very highly of Dr. Velazquez, especially of his vast medical knowledge and expertise and of his compassion for his patients. They also told me that he was the only doctor who was maintaining the integrity of Dr. Kuhnau's original formulation for the preparation of the live shark cell injections. They felt that this was of paramount importance and attributed it to the success of tens of thousands who traveled from all over the world to be treated by him. I can't tell you how reassuring this was for me as I was very worried about where I would continue to get my monthly life-sustaining injections.

Phillip J. Hardt, with his son, MichaelNot long afterwards I set up a meeting with Dr. Velazquez and we discussed the possibility of adding additional live shark cell tissue into the monthly injections that myself and everyone else with HD was currently taking. The new additions were to help what I like to call the "softer" symptoms of HD, the emotional, behavioral and cognitive problems. In addition, I told Dr. Velazquez that having to travel to Tijuana was very costly for those with HD and asked if another way of getting everyone their injections could be implemented. Dr. Kuhnau was unable to cross the border daily because of his age and health but Dr. Velazquez graciously consented and worked out an alternative method of getting everyone their injections. Both of these changes are now helping not only those with HD, but others living with different infirmities to receive their injections without traveling to Mexico repeatedly. It was now obvious to me that Dr. Velazquez was just as brilliant as Dr. Kuhnau as I watched him continue in Dr. Kuhnau's footsteps of helping others! Each year Dr. Velazquez continues to help thousands of patients from all over the world, who seek him out not only for his traditional and holistic medical expertise and proven practices, but also for his utilization of live shark cell therapy to successfully treat the root cause of symptoms.

It has been my privilege to work closely with both Drs. Kuhnau and Velazquez for over four years now and I consider them both to be brilliant visionary men, far ahead of their times. They are also men of great integrity and humility.

Not long ago I received an enthusiastic call from Dr. Velazquez. He asked me if I was interested in stopping my monthly injections. I told him that he must be crazy, as he knew that I would be bedridden, unable to walk and talk and swallow in about two to three months if I were to stop taking the live shark cells. He said that he was working with a French doctor who practiced in Africa for many years who developed a surgical technique that enables the body to produce good stem cells again- stem cells that could possibly take the place of my monthly injections. This news stunned me as I pondered the "what ifs" of its marvelous possibility. It intrigued me so much that I traveled to Tijuana to meet Dr. Lucien Nuq myself. After spending three days talking with him, I am convinced that the surgical procedure he developed has great potential to help others live more normal and productive lives here. Dr. Nuq is also a visionary man who is years ahead of his time. I have found him to be brilliant, yet very humble and dedicated to helping others improve through his medical expertise. His studies of paleontology, evolution and human biology have led him to his surgical procedure that appears to cause the body to begin producing its own stem cells again. Unfortunately, due to my second hereditary disease- Hemophilia B, a bleeding disorder, I will be unable at this time to have his operation.

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