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Maria Gallegos
In 1996 I was taken by my family to the hospital on a stretcher in a state of unconsciousness. My doctors had declared me terminal and my family was just waiting for the moment of my death, as I was in a coma. My diagnosis was Scleroderma. I took Dr. Kuhnau and Dr. Velazquez Live Cell Therapy and in less than 8 months my life changed radically. My story has inspired hundreds of patients after I was interviewed on channel 45 in San Francisco with Dr. Velazquez to give testimony to my new life.

It's been five years and my doctors haven't found any traces of Scleroderma in me. Now, I'm taking treatment just for control and my family and I are very thankful to God and our Doctors Kuhnau and Velazquez for their medicine and wish that other physicians would try Dr. Velazquez methods instead of just offering pain killers to their patients. I am willing to talk about my case to anyone and I send my regards to Dr. Velazquez.

Maria Gallegos
California, USA

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