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Mariane B., MD
I highly recommend "Live Cell Therapy", which is extremely effective for many diseases, and also for preventive/health maintenance. I have patients from various backgrounds who have received "Live Cell Therapy" and all have done very well. In some cases, they had illnesses for which medicine had no treatment, and they were told they would not last more than 6 months.

After "Live Cell Therapy", they are still alive several years later. In other cases, they needed surgery, etc. and the recovery time was both easier and sorter because of the Therapy. Finally, there are those who receive "Live Cell" for maintenance/preventive health care. These individuals notice increased energy, lack of problems with the body and overall physical well-being.

"Live Cell Therapy" is an invaluable technology that is still ahead of its time. It is one, if not the most cost effective therapy currently available. Results are fabulous, and if implemented along with a sound nutrition program, are even better. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone, whether there is a current medical condition or just for health maintenance.

Mariane B., MD
Los Angeles, CA

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