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Mrs. Martha A.
On or about 1997, I had a friend who had terminal leukemia and only had about a month or two to live, according to the City Of Hope near Los Angeles, California.

I had always heard of the benefits of "Live Cell Therapy" but never had personally experienced it first hand. I did some research and through word of mouth found Dr. Kuhnau practicing in Tijuana. My friend, who had already had put his "affairs in order", agreed to let me take him there to see if "Live Cell Therapy" would help him. He took the treatments as well as changed his lifestyle and diet dramatically and within nine months, he went back to the City of Hope and they could not find a cancer cell in his whole body.

I since then have taken several people with similar "terminal" cancers and other ailments and again, the treatments along with lifestyle and diet change, were cured. By going so much I became friends with Dr. Velazquez (who I met while he was doing his internship with Dr. Kuhnau) and learned that many celebrities as well as politicians take "Live Cell" to maintain good health and beautiful wrinkle free skin. I took "Live Cell Therapy" shots for about two years and saw a dramatic decline in the amount of wrinkles in my skin and gained a sense of well being. In fact, I take the shots every chance I can.

I highly recommend "Live Cell Therapy" to everyone. It really does cure you along with a change to a healthy lifestyle and diet. I don't recommend that you try everything else and wait to try this as a last resort. Many people kill their immune system by other very invasive forms of treatment so when it comes time to count on your immune system to heal you, it's shot. I recommend that you try "Live Cell Therapy" at the first sign of trouble. And if you're not sure, Dr. Velazquez is a wonderful, truly caring person that will honestly discuss with you what "Live Cell" can and cannot do. I feel lucky to have found this procedure and Dr. Velazquez, that it is so close to me and that it is so affordable. I wish you the very best of luck.


Mrs. Martha A.
San Diego, CA

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