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I met Dr. Velazquez at his clinic in 1995 after I was diagnosed HIV positive. My symptoms back then were deadly. I had Sarcoma de Kaposi throughout my body, intestinal infections, and breathing infections as well. I was also losing a lot of weight and also had Toxoplasmosis. Dr. Velazquez treated me for almost two years.

I just got in touch with him again after 12 years to tell him I am Toxoplasmosis free, no spots of sarcoma in my body and no infections of any kind. It's been two years in a row that there is no sign of HIV virus in my blood. I now have a normal life - I work and also preach God's word. I recognize Dr. Velazquez and his medicine for helping to regenerate and balance my body. And I also thank God for putting me on the right path at the right moment, and I confirm that He put him in my life to help me. Many of my friends did not agree to have these treatments, and now they are dead.


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