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Judy Johnson Coates
When I first came to Dr. Velazquez' office, I met a young man who looked like he was in perfect health. I could not help but to ask him why he was there and what was the matter with him. He said he is a runner and he takes muscle and cartilage. I wondered if that treatment would be good for my neck, as I had injured it very badly doing a trampoline show in Las Vegas. I had been seeing a chiropractor 2-3 times a week for three months. Dr. Velazquez said he would give me injections in my neck the next time I came down. He gave me muscle and cartilage on both sides of my neck and in four days the pain was 100% GONE.

It never came back, so he made a believer out of me. However, my neck was still weak, so I continued to come. He has also put muscle and cartilage in my lower back to help prevent arthritis. I have been coming once a month for seven years and continue to do my shows on the trampoline. I'm 61 and still bouncing, thanks to Dr. Luis Velazquez!

Judy Johnson Coates
Former World Trampoline Champion

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