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Edward Jawor
In 1999 I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and right away I started my chemotherapy in the USA and at the end of the therapy the doctors told me that my body didn't respond to the chemotherapy and that my tumors actually had increased showing more on the lungs and the brain. My reaction was anger and disappointment in medicine.

Then I found Dr. Kuhnau and Dr. Velazquez who told me about the importance of managing the immunologic system in a biologic way to be able to fight the cancer cells. Immediately they started with my treatment and just like magic, my body started to gain strength. I received radiation on my brain once. Now I'm 59 years old and my doctors in the USA think I'm a walking miracle, but they donŐt know why.

My x rays show my lungs in perfect condition. I have recommended Dr. Velazquez and his therapies to many people and I'm 100% convinced that his treatments have saved me. My family and I are very grateful to him for his work. God bless you, Dr. Velazquez.

Edward Jawor
Sewell, NJ

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