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Anthony Paoli
Unfortunately, 15 years ago I was diagnosed with HIV positive. Five years later I had a very severe and deadly intestinal infection. I was taken to see Dr. Kuhnau and after two treatments, my uncontrollable diarrhea problem was gone. I had suffered from diarrhea for almost a year and no doctor nor any medicine could do anything to help me.

Dr. Kuhnau's therapy stopped it. I continue my treatments with Dr. Velazquez and after ten years, I live like anyone else and my quality of life is great. I work and live a very normal life. Their therapies have kept me alive; many of my friends who have suffered from this terrible disease are now dead. I know Dr. Velazquez and I have spoken to many of his patients and they all talk about their treatments and how much he has helped them through the years.

Anthony Paoli

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