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Anita Lopez
I met Dr. Velazquez in 1996 when he was assistant to Dr. Kuhnau. I went to see Dr. Kuhnau due to a problem with very severe arthritis in my hands. After a few treatments, my arthritis disappeared.

At that time, I noticed Dr. Kuhnau's medical condition and asked him who would be his successor and he answered it is Dr. Velazquez. Dr. Velazquez came to my home for three years to see patients here. I have witnessed many great results of people he treated. I remember one particular case about a baby that was born without oxygen in her brain and the doctors said that she would never walk to talk. After two years of treatment with Dr. Velazquez, the little girl now walks and talks just like any other baby her age. There are no words to describe how much he has helped so many people. I'm happy to know that he continues with the legacy of Dr. Kuhnau and his work.

Anita Lopez

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