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Daily Program Checklist
There are six sections to our Daily Program Checklist section.
  Part 1: Attitude
  Part 2: Support
  Part 3: Daily Diet Checklist
  Part 4: Recommended Reading
  Part 5: Exercise, Fresh Air & Sunshine
  Part 6: Personal Hygiene

Part 5: Exercise, Fresh Air & Sunshine

Walk in fresh air twice a day for 20 minutes, do some deep breathing where the air is fresh and clean.

Keep your entire body flexible. Stretch and move your toes, legs, hips, arms, fingers, neck, spine, etc. Stretch your facial muscles too.

Try to get at least 10 minutes of sun on your entire body, both front and back, daily. (Only 5 minutes on each side if between the hours of 11:00 am and 2:00 pm)

Do not keep your body in the same position for too long. For example, if you must sit at a desk for hours, take frequent breaks, stand up and stretch. Try to make your exercise periods enjoyable. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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