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Daily Program Checklist
There are six sections to our Daily Program Checklist section.
  Part 1: Attitude
  Part 2: Support
  Part 3: Daily Diet Checklist
  Part 4: Recommended Reading
  Part 5: Exercise, Fresh Air & Sunshine
  Part 6: Personal Hygiene

Part 6: Personal Hygiene and Your Household Environment

Many cosmetics and cleaning products contain substances which are carcinogenic or toxic to our bodies. Try to use products which are as natural as possible.

Avoid permanent wave solutions, hair colors, toxic hair sprays, synthetic cosmetics and especially lipsticks made out of coaltar dyes and antiperspirants with aluminum. Avoid cleaning solutions, solvents, paint removers, and insect sprays.

If there is a microwave in use, leave the room while it is on. Avoid prolonged exposure to machines which emit radiation such as computer, video screens and color television.

Keep your home as clean and free of dust and mold as possible.

Remember that noise can also affect your health. Make your household environment as pleasant and peaceful as possible.

Many worshippers, after singing with heads held high, arms swinging and raised upward, in expansive expressions of joy and gratefulness, experience a sense of well-being and a glow of health. No one yet has found any toxic side effects to the practice of smiling, laughing or "jumping for joy". Could it be that if we took the time each day to express happiness through body movements and expressions (even if we don't "feel" like it) we might improve our health and later really feel the joy of well being?

It may be helpful to create for yourself a short and simple prayer or affirmation to memorize and use whenever you find yourself bombarded by negative thoughts or feelings. One patient, who is now fully recovered, wrote this for himself: "At this moment I am alive and have many things to be grateful for. My body quickly eliminates anything harmful that it encounters and l now imagine and feel exactly how I would feel when I first realize I am truly in perfect health. It is a feeling of incredible relief, unbounded gratitude and intense desire to enjoy and maximize each and every moment of my life. With each breath, thought and action, I thank God for this great glorious gift of life." / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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