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There are seven sections to our Cancer section.
  Part 1: Cancer: An Overview
  Part 2: Holistic Doctors
  Part 3: Cancer Cell
  Part 4: Biological Imunno-Regeneration
  Part 5: Metabolic Cancer Therapy
  Part 6: High Quality and High Efficiency Therapies

Part 2: Holistic Doctors

Doctor Velazquez, along with his medical doctors are constantly attending congresses, seminars, and courses related to holistic therapies keeping us up to date in the newest high quality concepts of understanding in alternative and complementary therapies.

Our philosophy is based initially on educating the patient so that he/she can come to an adequate process of healing. We educate all of our patients first in good mental hygiene, diet, and detoxification. Later we offer our exclusive therapies as a complement to their quick recovery.

"We never begin a therapy without first putting our patients in the hands of God. At the end of it all, healing is divine and health can only come from Him." / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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