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There are seven sections to our Cancer section.
  Part 1: Cancer: An Overview
  Part 2: Holistic Doctors
  Part 3: Cancer Cell
  Part 4: Biological Imunno-Regeneration
  Part 5: Metabolic Cancer Therapy
  Part 6: High Quality and High Efficiency Therapies

Part 6: High Quality and High Efficiency Therapies

LIVE-CELL THERAPY (Organ Therapy) The human being will eventually die through the natural process of aging. This process goes on slowly, depending on a given person's biological clock. All of our organs will present deterioration both in their tissue and organic function, and on a cellular level, destruction comes to the nucleus by the lack of appropriate oxygen.

These deteriorated or sick organs can never be regenerated naturally or with patented medication (allopathic medicine). There exists no method nor hope for the patient. Nevertheless, with Live-Cell Therapy, aging or deteriorating tissues can be regenerated based on the proven theory of similitude of organs "Same for Same", a homeopathic principle of Dr. Hanemannian, characterizing the tissues of the mesenchyme, endoderm, and mesoderm in a form of connective tissue that regenerates new tissue.

It is a basic principle of the mother cell to reproduce more cells of the same species or tissue. Based on the theory of the antibodies (Jumine Pathology), when there is a specific cellular or glandular need, the sick gland or organ recuperates its healthful state.

In Dr. W. Kuhnau's Live-Cell Therapy, a diluted dosis of fragments of blue shark embryo tissue is injected into the patient, causing the gland's or organ's memory to be activated in order to correct its immune pathology. The recuperation process begins with the regeneration of its normal physiological structure and function. This response of regeneration varies from patient to patient according to their immune capability.

Live-Cell Therapy or Xenotransplants, (see the chapter on Live-Cell Therapy) allows a complete regeneration of any type of tissue in the human body. With this 100% natural and trustworthy technique, thousands of patients have been incorporated back into their normal lives.

The testimonies of patients from around the world have given us the validity of the results. We are the only ones in the world who apply the embryonic tissue cells of the blue shark (a German technique that is backed by the scientific work of Dr. Niehans and Dr. Kuhnau). Dr. Wolfram W. Kuhnau (German Endocrinologist known for his book about Xenotransplants of Live Cells), was the last of the collaborators who had worked closely with the father of Live-Cell Therapy, Dr. Paul Niehans.

Dr. Kuhnau arrived in 1980 to the American continent from Germany and demonstrated to the whole world his safe and effective technique for dealing with many sicknesses, even life-threatening illnesses, and that very ill patients recovered their health by using his discovery of the embryonic tissue of the blue shark. Because of these unique miracles his international fame grew and brought him to treat thousands of patients with a keen ability, intelligence and dedication that only few medical doctors have. The discipline of writing articles of medical interest about his work were published in numerous medical journals and magazines, and even in a text by Dr. Paul Niehans. His personality as a German doctor also opened doors for him to challenge the conventional medical community and the allopathic doctors with their closed minds, who have little knowledgeable criteria on the subject.

Cellular Inheritance. Dr. Kuhnau died on July 19, 2002 at the age of 93, leaving an irreparable loss to the world of holistic medicine. The legacy of his work, discipline and years of experience and also the original technique that was Dr. Kuhnau's were bequeathed solely by Dr. Kuhnau to his last disciple and personal friend, Dr. Luis Velazquez.

Dr. Velazquez has a great responsibility to continue with the work and the investigation of Dr. Kuhnau's Live-Cell Therapy. The professional dedication of Dr. Velazquez, who is a certified medical doctor and who is presently taking a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, along with innumerable scientific events and positions on boards of directors of prestigious hospitals, has allowed him to receive worldwide recognition by the community of holistic and allopathic physicians, and also the recognition of countless patients.

Dr. Kuhnau Research Institute was created to continue the investigations and scientific input for the Live-Cell Therapies. Our research institute is made up of allopathic and holistic physicians, marine biologists, professionals with post-graduate degrees in nutrition, and patients who have donated their time for the benefit of holistic science.

Biological medicine, success for our patients. In this new era of holistic medicine and with Live-Cell Therapy, the world of naturopathic therapies is advancing very quickly. No person can stop these changes. Scientists in the allopathic community from around the world are coming to a mutually agreed concept of the regeneration of damaged cells and of the creation of new cells that do not exist, using human embryonic cells. We repudiate this technique for various reasons. Our therapies are unique to us and our patients. The fundamental base of our therapies rests in the cellular regeneration of our own bodies. If we do not regenerate our cells we will never be able to obtain the cure for the problem. We have well proven scientific elements that can be achieved with excellent results with cell therapy. These results are only obtainable using blue shark embryo. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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