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Daily Program Checklist
There are six sections to our Daily Program Checklist section.
  Part 1: Attitude
  Part 2: Support
  Part 3: Daily Diet Checklist
  Part 4: Recommended Reading
  Part 5: Exercise, Fresh Air & Sunshine
  Part 6: Personal Hygiene

Part 1: Attitude

Just as important as your diet, your mental attitude and emotional state are critically related to your recovery and continued health.

Enjoy what you eat and make mealtimes pleasant. Take your time. Chew well and slowly. Pay attention and savor and enjoy the flavors and texture. Be grateful. Make your environment as pleasing as possible. Let the light in, invite your friends to mealtimes, put up new curtains, a painting you like, make it clean. The food you eat is critical in your recovery - how you eat your food can affect how your system utilizes what you're giving it.

Many cooks will swear that using the same ingredients, the same amounts, and the same recipe will give them different results. The recipe prepared when angry cannot compare (nor does it receive the compliments) with the same meal prepared with joy.

Maintain positive thoughts and feelings. Use all your strength and cunning to eliminate your negative emotions and thoughts. Take at least 1/2 hour each day as your special, quiet time to meditate or pray, leaving all your worries behind and concentrating on that which is positive and helpful. Training your mind to focus on positive thoughts may not be easy. Treat your negative thoughts and feelings as the devil. Be a warrior and win!

Remember to laugh each day: "A heart that is joyful does good as a curer". Try to find something joyful in what may appear as tragic. No matter whatever anyone else thinks - listen to the music or watch the movie that YOU enjoy.

Research has shown that certain chemicals, endorphins, are released in the body when we laugh. Many health care professionals suspect that many positive, healthgiving effects of joy and laughter are as yet undiscovered. Norman Cousins, in his book "Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient", tells how he watched old comedy movies and used laughter to combat a life-threatening illness. He believes laughter played an essential part in his recovery.

Researchers have proved that our posture, facial expression, thoughts, and emotions all have a real effect on our body's health and recommend that when we experience pain or illness we can help make beneficial changes to our immune system by simply simulating joy and happiness in our body language. It appears that even though we might not really feel happy, the result is that through smiling, standing erect, "whistling while we work" and other bodily expressions of happiness, many systems in the body are receiving messages of health and begin to follow those instructions.

In addition, the benefits of "useful movement" of the body are being studied. While just excercise has certain beneficial effects on the body, activities such as gardening or any body movement which also has a "useful and helpful purpose" either to oneself or for others, may prove to send even more beneficial messages to our bodies. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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