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How our institution deals with patients in critical condition

After 25 years of experience in practicing scientific medicine we have learned some useful things that have helped us give clear guidance and counsel to our patients.

We have found that over a period of time it becomes clear that the patient must be guided and treated by a medical physician who is highly qualified and who has a diploma that certifies him as a professional doctor. People who are not experts nor experienced in dealing with the illnesses only complicate the sickness, and sadly, can even bring about death.

Once the patient is in the hands of an experienced professional, a medical doctor, he will take the patient through the different facets to complete his clinical history. In our case in particular, we have found a simple approach:

We ask the patient for his/her clinical history by taking the time to ask questions about the past physical condition and present symptoms, accompanied by a physical examination. A complete standard examination is performed which includes clinical lab work, pathological studies, x-rays, endoscopes and ultrasounds.

A computer processed image of a study of the iris (Digital Iridology).
We possess a digital apparatus that is highly efficient and effective in bringing an exact diagnostic to the cause of the sickness. This complements the clinical history and is a sure method in bringing about the preliminary diagnostic. It also brings us an understanding of the gravity of the sickness, whether it is severe, moderate, or mild. With this exam we can also give a preventive diagnosis for an illness that is just beginning and where perhaps the patient has not even had symptoms. When there are already symptoms, this study allows us to evaluate the intensity of the sickness and at the same time it will give us the treatment that will be adequate and specific for each particular case.

Our digital camera, a Centuria MYA 2000, allows us to probe into the very deep regions of the human body. It is cutting-edge computer technology with high level digital resolution.

Clinical experience. In our particular case, we have medical doctors who are highly qualified and are members of the medical associations. They are doctors who are committed to a common goal - finding a cure and bringing well-being to the patient through highly effective methods and therapies.

Medical team. The Center for Holistic Life Extension has selected highly trained and qualified medical doctors from the different medical disciplines, renowned professionals on both a national and international level who have ample experience and also an excellent moral ethic. Our team of surgeons successfully bring the desired results time and again.

Harmony and good moral character have made us better medical doctors, and those of us who have chosen Medicine as a profession do an even better job because we have left our private lives to one side. But overall, the challenge to obtain the cure for our patients is what brings us total satisfaction. In the hospital we make sure that the harmonious and delicate care given by our nurses transmits comfort and tender loving care to all our patients. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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