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There are seven sections to our Cancer section.
  Part 1: Cancer: An Overview
  Part 2: Holistic Doctors
  Part 3: Cancer Cell
  Part 4: Biological Imunno-Regeneration
  Part 5: Metabolic Cancer Therapy
  Part 6: High Quality and High Efficiency Therapies

Part 4: Biological Imunno-Regeneration

"Disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to an accumulation of toxins. These toxins ordinarily are burned in normal metabolic functioning."- Dr. Albert Wahl

Throughout history great plagues and epidemics have taken the lives of millions. However, many individuals survived. Why? The answer is obvious. The survivors were those whose immune systems remained strong. The next question, of course, is what adversely affected those who succumbed to the illnesses. The answers have been known for fifty years.v Certainly genetics play an important, but minor role. Malnutrition, drugs, pollution, radiation of all types, chemicals, steroids and stress, either individually or in combination are major causes. The immune system of the body is primarily composed of the blood and lymph system. However, in reality, it involves the balanced functioning of every system of the body. This depends on the health of every cell. The approach of orthodox medicine has been to find "the cure" or the "magic bullet" for each disease. This has not and will not happen except in a few conditions. The majority of medical problems, cancer and all the chronic degenerative diseases, remain wanting. Put simply, "You cannot bake a cake with flour alone!" It is necessary to take a comprehensive approach in order to succeed in repairing the body's defenses by using the Biological Immuno-Regeneration concept of healing.

  - Immune support.

  - Diet fortification.

  - Energy enhancement.

  - Anti-pathogenic.

  - Spirit and Mind.

  - The non-toxic selective destruction of cancer cells.

  - The use of antioxidants to prevent the destruction of cells by the excess production of free radicals.

  - The removal of toxic metals.

  - The support and regeneration of immune system.

  - The replenishment of lost or deficient nutrients (essential fatty acids, amino acid enzymes and hormones).

  - The elimination of all toxic accumulations.

  - Enhancement of normal cell regeneration, particulary of the compromised tissues.

  - Psyco-immunological support.

Chermotherapy Breeds More Cancer
Patients who take chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease are 14 times more likely to develop lukemia as a result, according to experts from 14 cancer centers who studied 10,000 cases. Use of chemotherapy also increased the risk of bone, joint, and soft tissue cancer by 6 times, according to the Journal of National Cancer Institute (May 1995). Radiation therapy increased the risk of developing respiratory cancer by 2.7 times and female genital cancer by 2.4 times. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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