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There are seven sections to our Cancer section.
  Part 1: Cancer: An Overview
  Part 2: Holistic Doctors
  Part 3: Cancer Cell
  Part 4: Biological Imunno-Regeneration
  Part 5: Metabolic Cancer Therapy
  Part 6: High Quality and High Efficiency Therapies

Part 3: The Cancer Cell

Cancer is a mycoplasma (Progenitor Cryptocides) bacteria - just like strep or staph, it lives harmlessly in the body. In its virulent form, it becomes a fatal systemic disease found in the blood. But the cancer mycoplasma is smaller, meaner and smarter. If you attack it, it packs up its bags and moves to another location where it can divide and multiply without interruption. That is why surgical removal of parts of the body is futile since the activated cancer is in the blood. Unless it is treated as a systemic disease, there is no hope of recovery.

How do we get cancer? At the moment of conception, when the sperm fertilizes the egg, 3 things are created: (1) life; (2) an immune system; and (3) cancer bacteria. The job of the cancer mycoplasma is to cause the cell of the fertilized egg to divide and multiply rapidly until the embryo reaches full stage. At that time, the job of the cancer mycoplasma is finished. It will then remain in the blood stream of most animals, throughout our lives as a harmless scavenger.

A pH variation occurs in the blood toward the acid side in very minute detectable quantities caused by physical abuse of the body: drugs, chemicals, stress, poor nutrition, fear, anxiety, and prolonged negative emotions. We believe this change in pH activates the cancer mycoplasma which, coupled with lack of oxygen in the blood, causes the blood to darken or appear greenish in color. This condition is then a fertile breeding ground for the now activated mycoplasma which begin to multiply rapidly. The more they multiply, the more they destroy the red blood cells, producing greater anemia.

An immune system will surround the cancer and encapsulate it in the form of a tumor. This contains the cancer. However, because the tumor has a "feeding tube" drawing nourishment as well as additional cancer from the blood, the tumor will continue to grow. When the immune system is weak it cannot encapsulate the cancer into tumor form. Consequently it spreads (metastasis) to the rest of the body.

Orthodox medicine in the United States refuses to believe two facts: Cancer is (1)an immune deficiency disease; and (2)a systemic infection of the blood. Unless the immune system is activated to full strength, the patient will die. Even with unlimited wealth, American patients continue to die by following standard medical therapies for cancer in the U.S., as is evidenced by the media's reports of famous, wealthy Americans who continue to die each year. Therapies which do not address the fact that cancer is a systemic infection and a failing immune system will not save the patient's life. Chemotherapy and/or radiation further destroys the immune system and only serves to produce painful effects and ultimate death.

Prostate Cancer & Excercise:
A study of l2,975 men, average age 44, over a 19 year period, showed that moderate to high amounts of regular aerobic exercise reduced the risk of prostate cancer. High levels of exercise that burns off at least 3000 calories weekly reduces the prostate cancer risk by 70%, while moderate levels, burning off at least 2000 calories weekly, reduces the risk by 25%, according to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, January 1996. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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