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There are seven sections to our Cancer section.
  Part 1: Cancer: An Overview
  Part 2: Holistic Doctors
  Part 3: Cancer Cell
  Part 4: Biological Imunno-Regeneration
  Part 5: Metabolic Cancer Therapy
  Part 6: High Quality and High Efficiency Therapies

Part 1: Cancer: An Overview

Cancer is no longer a mysterious disease. However, the establishment still presents that image. The means by which the prevention of cancer can be achieved is obvious, but the establishment has only recently conceded one of these methods and still pretends that "the cause" is yet to be found. "We can prevent 35% of all cancers with diet alone" -The American Cancer Society, 1989.

There are many simple non-toxic effective treatments for cancer. In this instance the establishment has deliberately used every imaginable shameful tactic, some of which are atrocious, to discredit, conceal or destroy them. The reasons are clear.

The pharmaceutical industry, which profits in the billions from their infamous chemotherapy and all the ancillary drugs that must be taken in conjunction with it, would lose an incredibly lucrative income if the truth were known.

The medical profession perpetuates the myth for two reasons:
Because medical education and research is largely financed and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, the majority of physicians truly believe in the myth of the "magic bullet". This took firm hold with the discovery of antibiotics and their supposed dramatic effect on lessening the incidence of infection and on the mortality rate. The fact that the coincidental improvement in hygiene and sanitation played a far more important role has been concealed.

Physicians are so indoctrinated in the concept of "better living through chemistry", that they readily believe that natural solutions must be "quackery". Unfortunately, there are scoundrel entrepreneurs who have and continue to lend credence to that perception. The physician truly believes that he has the only scientific "state of the art" weapons at his disposal and that all other approaches are the products of ignorance or downright fraud. This inbred arrogance and ignorance has hindered the advance of good medical practice more than any other factor. I once was a "believer" myself! The second reason lies in the economic comforts and privilege that this monopoly of allopathic medicine provides.

Cancer occurs when a cell's metabolism is effected by chemicals or drugs. Prime examples are amyl nitrate causing Kaposi's sarcoma and saccharine causing bladder cancer. Radiation is well recognized as the cause of many types of tumors. The common denominator, however, depends on whether the immune system is healthy enough to deal with these aberrations and destroy them before they overcome the host. The same situation exists with all types of infections and all chronic degenerative diseases. Any therapy that attacks the immune system, cannot be legitimately considered. The time supposedly gained is too often inconsequential and dehumanizing. If the disease is an inadequate immune defense, which it assuredly is, then destroying or weakening the immune system further, guarantees a fatal outcome. This is the insanity of "hi-tech, state of the art, modern medicine".

The Merck Manual, the "physician's bible", has since its first issue in 1952, listed all of the causes of immune deficiency. Hundreds, if not thousands of articles have appeared in responsible journals throughout the world, citing specific causes of cancer. The elimination of this dreaded disease is possible today. Commitment to a sane approach is all that is needed.

Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in science in 1931 for demonstrating that a cancer cell had the metabolism of a plant cell. He described the process succinctly as "fermentation". This meant the metabolic process was the opposite of our normal tissues which are composed of animal cells. This gives us the most important clue to follow in developing a successful approach to the prevention and treatment of cancer. A plant cell thrives on carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen as its waste product. We are composed of animal cells and oxygen is essential for our assimilation of nutrients and the detoxification and elimination of waste products. Rational therapy must therefore include adequate oxygenation of all tissue. Other therapies prompted by Dr. Warburg's discovery must encompass all of the following in order to be effective:

Establish a healthy lifestyle though better nutrition, improving the personal enviroment, and body activity.

The non-toxic selective destruction of cancer cells.
The use of antioxidants to prevent the destruction of cells by the production of free radicals.
The removal of toxic metals.
The support and regeneration of the immune system.
The replenishment of lost or deficient nutrients (essential fatty acids, amino acid enzymes and hormones).
The elimination of all toxic accumulations.
Enhancement of normal cell regeneration, particulary of the compromised tissues.
Psycho-immunological support. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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