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Biological Surgery

Increasing the Production of Stem Cells

Dr. Lucien Nuq is a French doctor, graduate of the University of Paris, and began this work in 1964 in France. Using his knowledge and experience in surgery, pathology and embryology, he developed a procedure to stimulate one's own body to increase the production of stem cells and regulate the immune system function.

This technical surgical procedure is based in the fact of the inhibition produced by a different population of the stem cells. The separation of the primitive cells in two different ways are the first step of the embryonic life.

  1. The major one is the elaboration of the body of the embryo itself and most particularly of the bone marrow.
  2. The other way is the elaboration of the extra embryonic structure, placenta, yolk sac and some of the corionic structure.

After the birth and the separation of the extra embryonic structure from the body of the newborn, a part of this extra embryonic structure remains permanently in the body in the form of the venous portal circulation of the liver, the spleen and omentum. This circulation made by primitive extra embryonic cells originally made from the yolk sac produced the umbilical vessels and development of venous capillaries for portal circulation of the liver, omentum and spleen.

A major portion of stem cells are made by the embryo itself, producing all kinds of cells, deriving from mesenchyme to form the structures of the organism and form permanent stem cells of the bone marrow.

The Biological Surgery's purpose is to relieve the inhibition that has an effect on your own body's stem cells by the action of the vestigial stem cells of the primitive vitello umbilical circulation that restores the production of your own bone marrow stem cells and will balance the immune system.

This new production of stem cells will stimulate the new production of the macrophagic mononuclear system and the macrophagic mononuclear system will be the result of the new production of stem cells to restore the areas affected in the body.

From this new surgical approach, all connective tissue disorders and most chronic degenerative diseases can be affected. In order for new stem cells to grow, your body will need to sucessfully complete the detoxification process. It is important to detoxify your liver, large and small intestines, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system. Preparing your body and mind will allow you to achieve the best results possible with the Biological Surgery procedure.

We have had excellent results with this surgical procedure for the following:

   - Alzheimer's Disease
   - Arthritis (all forms)
   - Autism
   - Cancer
   - Down Syndrome
   - Huntington's Disease
   - Lupus
   - Mental Retardation
   - Multiple Sclerosis
   - Parkinson's Disease
   - Post-Stroke Victims
   - Scleroderma
   - Skin Diseases
   - Spinal Cord Injuries

All patients who undergo the Biological Surgery must complete the following prior to the procedure:

1) Contact our staff for a consultation. A member of our staff will contact you via telephone to arrange a consultation with Dr. Velazquez and set up a surgical appointment. They will also address issues related to your arrival, payment and personal needs. (If the patient will be traveling with a companion, there will be an additional charge for accomodations.) You must contact our staff at least 4 weeks in advance of the surgical procedure.

2) Once a date has been set for the procedure, patients need to arrive 2 days before that scheduled date.

3) It is imporant that patients bring all of their available medical records.


2 weeks prior to Biological Stem Cell Surgery:
No aspirin, alcohol, cigarettes.

3 days prior to Biological Stem Cell Surgery:
Detoxification for small and large intestines:
   All diet must be semi-vegetarian
   Mineral oils
   Natural yogurt, honey
   One gallon water a day
   Essence of Life, liquid form, 10-15 ml per day

The following tests will be performed upon arrival at our facility:
Chest X-ray
Lab Tests:
    Electro Foresis
    Coagulation Factor Time
    Blood Type
    Platelet Count

All patients will go home with a complete list of instructions to follow post-surgery. These instructions include the following:

    Remove stitches 10 days
    Continue semi-vegetarian diet for three weeks
    Multiminerals, liquid form
    Vitamin C, 6 gr a day for 30 days
    Nitro FX
    Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Capsules
    Do not take heavy antibiotics or cortisone medications
    Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 30 days

Do follow-up blood work at the following intervals: 2 weeks, 8 weeks, and 16 weeks post-surgery (and send results to Dr. Velazquez at the mailing address below):
   Platelet Count

Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy or other immune depressors, contact Dr. Velazquez for medical advice. / The Center for Holistic Life Extension
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